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Vietnam and South Korea cooperate in handling orange agent or dioxin in Vietnam
Ngày đăng: 10/09/2015       Số lượt xem: 558       Người đăng: admin

On the 7th September, in a seminar held in Hanoi, the Vietnamese and South Korean scientists exchanged the information and discussed the solution to the cooperation in trial handling land infected with orange agent or dioxin during the war in Vietnam.


It is the specialized cooperation between Vietnam Association for Conversation  of Nature and Environment (VACNE) and Korean BJC Company with a view to implement the project named “Community cooperating in trial handling and addressing the problem caused by dioxin infection during the war in Vietnam”.


Dr. Mai Thanh Dung, Vice Director of General Administration of Environment under Ministry of Resources and Environment said that Vietnam had made a great deal of effort to address the problem caused by orange agent or dioxin in some areas. However, there are still some areas which are considered to be burning due to the high dioxin infecting level such as Bien Hoa airport (Dong Nai province), Phu Cat airport (Binh Dinh province) and Da Nang airport (Da Nang city); A Luoi district (Thua Thien Hue province).


In the seminar, the scientists provided the information and share on the latest study on this matter such as the impact on human and environment. Especially, the handling dioxin by microbiological method concerned by both side was discussed to address the environmental residues of orange agent and dioxin in Vietnam. It is to handle dioxin in parallel with land and environment renovation.


Both sides agreed that in the coming time the cooperation would be made in handling orange agent and dioxin in A Luoi district, Thua Thien Hue province.

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